In the Beginning there were Words. On mind and the fantasy of omnipotence

Diana Deaconu (CTA-P), RO

Marina Vasile (psychotherapist), RO

Saturday, November 1st, 16.15 – 18.00

This workshop focuses on the concept of mind as an object. In the absence of a good enough environment, sometimes the mind takes on maternal functions, gaining a life of its own, and fundamentally separating from the body and its functions. The mind in this case becomes the object of attachment. The goal is to offer safety and gratification. With the status of independent object acquired, it can easily turn against the person, becoming hostile and persecuting. Once this relationship is established the mind becomes the organizer of the self, feeding it the fantasy of omnipotence.

But what are the potential risks of such a form of internal organization? What happens when it becomes fragile? How do we accompany our clients and approach such a process in therapy?

We shall address these questions in an interactive manner, starting off with the reflections of D.W.Winnicott, E.G.Corrigan and P.E.Gordon.

This workshop is meant for psychotherapists as well as trainees in the psychotherapy field.

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