Searching for the other within yourself

Ioana Duma (PTSTA-P), RO

Sunday, November 2nd, 9.00 – 11.00

The theme of the proposed workshop is inspired by the statement of Bollas: In order to find the patient, we must look for him within ourselves. (Bollas, 1987, p.202). We will discuss what this means and also how it could be understood through different TA concepts – such as: intuition (Berne’s approach) , ego states, protocol – and concepts from different thinking paradigms: somatic countertransference, “embodied empathy”, intersubjectivity etc.

Participants will be invited to an exercise in order to have the experience of “searching for the other within themselves” – by becoming aware of their attitudes, physical sensations, fantasies, images, emotions, thoughts, desires, modes of interaction etc. that could be evoked by meeting the “other”. It is known that this experience is a rich source of information that could be used in the benefit of therapeutic relationship and process. We will analyze together some of the things a therapist could “do” with these evoked reactions. The challenging I am proposing to participants is to discover together if and how this skill of “searching for the other within yourself” could be used in different types of professional and personal relationships.

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