Intuitive coaching with TA

Sari van Poelje (TSTA-O), HU

Saturday, November 1st, 16.15 – 18.00 / Sunday, November 2nd, 9.00 – 11.00

Intuition is knowing what you know without knowing how you know it. Berne stated it was purely based on sensory experience. Chief requisite seems to be an active and concentrated state of alertness and receptiveness. With practice intuitive mood can be attained more easily and accuracy of intuition increases with accumulated experience in domain.

During the workshop we will practice different techniques and exercises to enhance your coaching intuition. We will focus especially on observing behaviour, forming a hypothesis about the patterns your clients are stuck in and testing the unconscious script narrative under that.

The workshop addresses participants from any field of work and with any level of TA knowledge.

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