Roller coaster of emotions: emotions and organisational change

Sabine Klingenberg (TSTA –O), DE

Monday, November 3rd, 09.30 – 18.00

It is a common observation: “I have to change and develop constantly”. If you don’t go forward, you go back. Flexibility is what we need and it seems we do have to be enthusiastic and happy about each consequence. Managers very often confuse learning and curiosity, to look for something new with joy, with overhasty adaptation. The cognitive process is much faster than the emotional process.

As a result many people are fearful and avoid changes, they try to sidestep or even to ignore the demanded processes.

Based on models – not only TA – I want to show, reflect and discuss options for good change processes, how to accompany managers and co-workers in their emotional roller coaster during their process. Your own examples are very welcome!

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