Together beyond trauma: the role of the therapeutic relationship in identifying and treating trauma

Nicoleta Gheorghe (CTA-P), RO

Saturday, November 1st, 16.15 – 18.00

This workshop proposes placing the consequences of trauma in the relational frame. We will explore together the complex interaction between the internal intra-psychic process and the external reality.

The traumatic experience of the child is internalized in a series of Parent/Child toxic relational units. This internal reality distorts the perception of the external reality, leading to the enacting and reinforcing of the life script. The therapeutic relationship allows for the creation of an “emotional bridge” between therapist and client, which can lead to integrating the experience at cognitive and emotional level. The experience of trauma is formed around the triangle of helplessness, terror and lack of meaning, which leads to freezing of development or to a disorganised structure. Therapy intends to increase Adult capacity for creating a coherent narration of the trauma and has the aim to unblock that moment of fundamental insecurity so that it can be re-experienced in a different manner. In the future, this capacity of the Adult will allow the client to move from action to reflection.

The therapeutic relationship plays and important role together with the analysis and the use of transference and counter-transference. Therapies focused solely on what happened in the external reality are insufficient for leading to long term change. It is essential to pay attention to the relationship between Ego States in order to facilitate internal reorganisation and healing.

During the workshop we will use, among others, exercises in small groups, short case studies and problematisation. We will also be able to discuss cases presented by the participants. The structure of the workshop will allow for accommodating the specific needs of the participants.

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