United States of Ego

Viorel Ciocan (psychotherapist), RO

Sunday, November 2nd, 9.00 – 11.00

The Ego State model is the core of the Transactional Analysis. Eric Berne is saying it: “Ego states are the key to Transactional Analysis. If you can’t break it down to ego states, it is not Transactional Analysis” (Eric Berne,TAJ 3,1, p. 71, 1973).

The Ego states concept belongs most probably to Paul Federn (Hartman and Zimberoff, JHCT 6,1, p.49, 2003) and it has been undertaken and developed in the same time in TA and in other therapeutical methods, one of them being named the Ego-State Therapy.

The goal of the workshop is to explore the history of Ego state concept, starting with those who inspired Federn (Anna Freud, C.G. Jung), through the following developments, parallel with TA: Sullivan (1953), Hartmann (1958), Perls (1969), Kohut (1971), Lowen (1976), Watkins and Watkins (1979).

We also propose to have an overview of the Ego state model in TA from Berne to the further additions (ex. Abe Wagner), including Tony White’s Two ego states model.

In the same time we also want to make a deconstructive endeavour, playing with the classic TA setting of Ego states.

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